Meet Cynthia

Cynthia Moore Brown

Cynthia has been an acclaimed performer and educator in North Carolina and throughout the South performing, conducting workshops and collecting stories. Her appearances include television, radio, and festivals and her folktales are featured frequently on NPR. With her sparkling whirl of music and stories, Cynthia brings texture to her down home folk telling style. Her original and traditional stories entice audiences of any age but her ghost stories are her audience’s favorites. Cynthia’s expertise also extends to adult and youth storytelling workshops. She is co-founder of the NC Storytelling Guild, past president, founding performer and board member of NC Storyfest and experienced festival organizer. Cynthia presently lives in NC with her husband Fred and her three four-legged felines: Midnite, Elf and Princess Leigh.

I grew up in North Carolina with my parents and two brothers. Books and their stories have always been my lifelong constant and I believe stories are the essence of our lives. They are forgotten, renewed and resurrected by those who tell them to keep them alive. Storytelling is a powerful connection from person to person, hear to heart. As a storyteller I believe strongly in the rich oral tradition of the storytelling art and that storytelling can’t be duplicated by electronic power. Because this is the age of high technology and depersonalization, storytelling is even more essential now. History and the past are the threads that knit us together to the present. I feel so fortunate to be able to share the stories I love. My family stories are meant to make you laugh and smile and to remember your special moments with happiness and joy.

Cynthia Moore Brown spins her tales at the Greensboro Storyfest Festival


Lydia still haunts

Jamestown, North Carolina.