Pur-r-r-fect​​​​​ tales for you &​​ your family where Ghosts & Gobblins abound in stories that tantalize your brain & your taste buds!

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Blandwood Mansion - Downtown Greensboro 
"Ghostly Stories by the Fire"

OCTOBER 25TH: 7:00

​​​​​Coming to a Haunt Near You!

"Cynthia's stories are too scary for the dark!"  - Jeri Rowe

Cynthia enjoys telling stories from the around the world and home again.


​​​Folktelling From the Heart

Midnight's  Spooky Book Nook Corner

Specializing in North Carolina history mysteries, Cynthia has

collected and written stories to perform since childhood, bringing the past to life for audiences both young and young at heart.

40th Annual Ghost Stories
in the Graveyard with Cynthia

Greensboro History Museum 
FREE! October 26th 2-3:00 PM
Greensboro NC
Arbor Acres Retirement Home 
Halloween October 31st 11:AM


Montessori School
Friday November 7th Durham, NC 


Cynthia Moore Brown

Halloween Fun
Stafford Retirement Community  
October 17th  4:00 PM
High Point, NC

Ghost Stories

By the Bonfire  
High Point Historical Museum  
Oct 19th 6:30 PM 

High Point , NC