Cynthia Moore Brown

Folktelling From the Heart

Upcoming Holiday Events

From the time Cynthia lived in a 200 year old haunted New England house, she has written and told mystery stories. 

This season customs from around the world and down through history come to life as Mrs. Claus weaves her tales and songs for the holiday season.

Specializing in North Carolina history mysteries, Cynthia has collected and written stories to perform since childhood, bringing the past to life for audiences both young and young at heart.

"Our family has been coming to visit Mrs. Santa Claus for our favorite holiday family tradition for years.  

We love Miss Cynthia's stories."  Patricia Manual

Mrs. Santa Claus Arrives!


High Point Library, Dec. 3rd, 2:00

High Point Library's Annual Story Party with Mrs. Santa Claus 

Barnes & Noble Friendly Center

Dec. 3rd, 5:00Stories, Songs & Fun, Greensboro Day School's Bookfair

Barnes & Noble Friendly Center

Every Wednesday in Dec. 4:00

Stories and Sing-a-Long Fun!